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Nollie Wheels company is a high class producer of fingerboard wheels. Along with every other thing in life that is exceeds average, they are not cheap. But just like everything else, they are high class, and highly recommended for any skill level. What do they have to say?? I don't know. Let me copy and paste their company bio!

"Nolliewheels is a German family establishment, which strives for one goal with a lot of energy: Offering highest quality and the best service to the international family of fingerboarders. What drives us on Lots of enthusiasm for the subject “fingerboarding“. As active boarders we know what we talk about and we share your passion. The intensive communication with you helps us to permanently improve our products and adapt them to your needs and wants. Your quality of experience and your satisfaction is our benchmark. And that's what we advocate.

What is important to us All Wheels, Boards and the equipment must have optimal quality. This includes the materials we use as well as accurate manufacture and functionality. Aside from the engineering, a good and diversified design is just as important to us. Because of that you'll never get bored. Because of the diversity of our offer and fair prices we wish to be an “address for everything“ for all fans of fingerboarding.

What you can expect Of course we do not stand still. Our range of products, especially wheels and boards, will grow – so that each of you finds the fitting equipment. For example we took a high-tech-material into our range with the carbon-fiber-decks. And probably a lot is going to happen with the plastics and metals for our wheels. Our distribution is going to spread on even more countries.

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