MorninG WooD FingerBoardS

This company is special. They have fingerboards made out of Carbon Fiber!!
I don't really know much about the company so, here's the bio.

"We became interested in making our own boards after discovering how hard it was to find well made fingerboards locally or boards that were being made in the United States. We started making the boards for our own use, than for friends, than we discovered that there was such a great demand for fingerboards. All of our boards are handmade by us. Special care goes into each and every board. All boards are pre-drilled with screw holes and are countersunk with kingpin holes."

They are in association with Fast Finger Ramps Co. So check that site also. Not as good as Black River, but still good

Link for Morning Wood

Link for Fast Fingers

Created By Mitchell Meyer Age: 12